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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Humility and Pleasure

One can only have humility when there is nothing of the past, and the mind is in a state of constantly learning without accumulating. 
- J. Krishnamurti

It is only the vain person, the man of pride and conceit, who cultivates the cloak of humanity.

Humility can only exist when the past, which is thought with all its structure, comes to an end.

What is necessary is a mind that is capable of listening and not doing anything.

Be aware of your own values, thoughts, life existence, so that you yourself will discover the importance or unimportance of pleasure. We must understand pleasure. It is extremely subtle. The sensory pleasures are obvious, but there are deeper pleasures to which thoguht has given vitality, continuity, a drive. If you  do not understand of this basic thing, entering into a field which is completely denuded of all pleasure, and therefore a field of extraordinary bliss, cannot possibly be understood.

The thought goes back over and over again to a happy incident, a pleasurable sensation, a thing remembered that has given great delight. Thought reverts it and builds a structure of expanding and strengthening pleasure. From that background, conscious and unconscious, thought then operates, judges, evaluates, looks and acts.

THought is the outcome of desire. Our whole life is made up of desire, the pleasure that is derived from putting that desire into action, and the sustaining of pleasure by thinking about the action which has given pleasure. Thought gives vitality and continuity to pleasure.

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