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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Confusion and Thought

If I am confused, the things I do, whatever thoughts, whatever feelings I have, are all bound to be confused. The idea taht there are moments when I am very clear is fallacious. I am confused right through, if I observe, if I go into it.

Fragmentary activity is not an indication of seriousness, because it contradicts the other part of existence. A serious person is one who does not function or think in fragments. It is possible to be totally attentive to the whole existence of life, not just fragments, but the totality of it? If one is so serious, then there is contradiction. It is the person who is not serious who lives without contradiction.

Thought produces a way of life which is based on its own pleasure.

The highest form of sensitivity is intelligence.

There is a difference between acceptance and discovery. When we discover something for ourselves, it has validity. 

Time is obviously thought. Thought is the result of time.

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