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About Harilal Kerson Chavda

Harilal Kerson Chavda

on left - Harilal Chavda's son, Anil on right - Harilal K. Chavda
London, 1974

The following quote speaks of Harilal Kerson Chavda's life in a nutshell. He was a man, far more intellectual, spiritually bent and philosophical for his times. Silence speaks volumes. And he was a silent man, but very liberal, and of powerful intellect. We only learn his spirit of life more deeply after his death. 

Harilal Kerson Chavda was a beloved father and grandfather, a strong personality, a visionary, a Gandhian at heart and a true follower of simplicity. He died on 7th June, 2012 and is remembered by his wife Hemlata Chavda, his children, Dilip Chavda, Anil Chavda, Gita Mehta, their respective spouses, Sujata Chavda, Binita Chavda, Rajesh Mehta, his grand children Siddharth Chavda and his spouse Nidhi Chavda, Abhijeet Chavda, Saloni Chavda, Akanksha Mehta, Apeksha Mehta and his great grand son, Arhaan Chavda.

I don't read any religious, philosophical, psychological books: one can go into oneself at tremendous depths and find out everything.  - J. Krishnamurti

Excerpts from "The Awakening of Intelligence" - J.Krishnamurti

J. Krishnamurti

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