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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dont Poison Yourself With Negativity

The Seven Chakras or Auras of The Body 

Psychic energy in the wrong place acts like a poison. When we are negative we poison ourselves and we poison our bodies - and indeed, we poison other people. But of course through self-justifying we cannot see that this is so. Nothing is ever ones' own fault.

Realizing that to permit a negative state to exist unchecked and unarrested is to give it tacit permission to do its worst, and realizing also that negative emotion, identified with, is similar to a wound in the body, and as serious, one can resolve to hold a court and fend out what it is all about.

(In short, here's a 'pictorial transliteration' of what is said above; save them as wallpapers, pen them down, or simply read and re-read as per your liking! Enjoy!)

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