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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Be Charming

All charming persons have one thing in common. They make others feel at ease. Generally, they also make them feel that they are of some importance, and that they are interesting. 
You cannot make others feel at ease if you are worried about what they may expect of you, or if your manners might disturb them. Good manners give you self-confidence and prevent unthoughtful or inconsiderable acts on your part.
Good manners are fundamental to charm. The social assets - a pleasing appearance, a well modulated voice, good diction, a graceful carriage, a pleasant facial expression - do not compensate for such bad manners as back slapping, scoffing at others opinions, and failing to rise at the proper time.
Anyone who is kind, fair, considerate, self-controlled, fastidious in personal habits, and warm natured has all the qualities necessary for socials success.
Think about others' interests, their good traits. Look for ways to please them; find something in them to admire.

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