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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

This is a laminated card my Grandmother, Dr. Lata Naresh Mehta owned in her lifetime,  I believe she visited Pondicherry and acquired this postcard. This is the back of the postcard.
It was always with her. Now it stays with me.
The Mother                             Sri Aurobindo

"All is deep and strange to the eye, that see."

"All vibrations of whatever order are contagious. The key of the mastery is always silence, at all levels, because in the silence we discern vibrations, and to discern them is to be able to capture them."

"To the degree that we have been conscious in our life, we shall be conscious in our death."

"Evolution does not like in becoming more and more saintly or more and more intelligent but more and more conscious."

"For everything always is a question of consciousness, for our mental, vital and physical life as for our sleep and our death and our immortality. Consciousness is the means, consciousness is the key, consciousness is the end."

"Our eyes are not organs of vision, they are organs of division, and when the Eye of Truth opens in us, there is no longer any need of these glasses or crutches."

The best way to express one's gratitude to the Divine is to feel simply happy.
With my blessings.
The Mother.

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