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Friday, July 27, 2012

Empty Your Mind Of Its' Contents

The content of my consciousness is my unhappiness, my misery, my struggles, my sorrows, the frustrations, the pleasures, fears, the agonies, the hatreds - that is my consciousness. Can all that be completely emptied? Not only at the superficial level but right through - the so called unconscious. If it is not possible, then I must live in unending sorrow. I am in prison. So the mind must find out how to empty itself of all the content of itself. This is real meditation.
When there is love there is no image. There must be  relationship between the emptying of consciousness and the thing called love - between the unknown and the known, which is the content of consciousness.
So the mind must find out, how to empty its content, that is have no image - past, present or in future you hurt me or you give me pleasure and therefore I have an image of you. So no image formation. If you don't form an image now, the past images have no place.
I dont depend on anybody to find out what is true and what is false.
- Juddu Krishnamurti

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