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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chasing Happiness

One of the cause of the vague unhappiness, restlessness, dissatisfaction, which so many of us feel is that we have never attempted to grasp life at right angles. Instead of pausing in our multifarious activities, instead of pulling aside our quests, we are being perpetually fooled into thinking that happiness is to be reached in the same way as pleasure is, by the possession of something. What people on the contrary find to their astonishment is that when they drop under some tremendous disappointment or under some spiritual shock - this eternal striving and clutching; that real happiness for the first time in their life comes flowing in upon them in a brimming flood. This is not only the doctrine of the 'Tao', it is also the doctrine of Christ, but our crowd - perverted minds have not, in these thousands of years, appropriated this simple revelation.

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