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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Meditation is Seeking The Truth - Seeking Inner Bliss

Seek The Truth That Is Out There, Through Awakening Your Inner  Being : Simply Meditate

      If you do not postulate any dogma, then you are face to face with what actually is. The "what is", is thought, pleasure, sorrow and the fear of death. When you understand the structure of your daily living - with its competition, greed, ambition and the search for power, then you will see not only he absurdity of theories, saviours and gurus, but you may find an ending to sorrow, and ending to the whole structure which thought has put together. The penetration into and the understanding of this structure is meditation. Then you will see that the world is not an illusion but a terrible reality which man, with is relationship with his fellow man, has constructed.
When man is free, without any motive of fear, of envy or sorrow, then only is the mind naturally peaceful and still. Then it can see not only the truth in daily life from moment to moment, but also go beyond all perception, and therefore is the ending of observer and the observed, and duality ceases. But beyond all this, and not related to his struggle, the vanity and despair, there is - and this is not a theory - a stream that has no beginning and no end, a measureless movement that the mind can never capture.
      What you propagate is not the truth, the truth is only when you are free from ache, anxiety and aggression which now fill your heart and mind.
      "What is important in meditation is the quality of the mind and the heart. It is not what you achieve, but rather the quality of a mind that is innocent and vulnerable. Through negation there is the positive state. Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end. The mind can never be made innocent through experience. Thought is never innocent. Meditation is the ending of thought, not by the meditator, for the meditator is meditation. If there is no meditation, then you are like a blind man in a world of great beauty, light and color.
Wander by the seashore and let this meditative quality come upon you. If it does, don't pursue it. What you pursue will be memory of what was - and what was is the death of what is. Meditation is the root, the plant, the flower and the fruit. It is words that divide the fruit, the flower, the plant and the root. Virtue is total perception

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